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Thank you for your visit to the Finance Conference website and your interest in the business festival. The protection and security of the data of our visitors is very important to us. Accordingly, we have designed our website and business processes so that as little personal data as possible has to be collected and processed. The following data protection statement explains what information is collected during your visit to our website and what parts of this information may be used and how.


Standard Data

When you visit our website, our web server stores information about your end device and the browser used, in a log file, as standard, like any other web server. This data is needed to enable us to analyze errors on the part of our server and attempts at improper use. Specifically, at this point we collect the IP address, the exact address of the page called on our website, possibly the page you left to come to our page (link source), the browser ID transmitted, and the system date and time when the page was called. We do not use this data for any purposes other than those stated, and it is deleted no later than two days after the call date has expired. We are not able to link this data to an individual unless you yourself provide further information about your person in one of the forms offered. This is the case for example if you subscribe to our newsletter or purchase a ticket. Even in these cases, we store this information on separate systems and only merge it in exceptional circumstances when there are legal reasons for doing so (attempted misuse).


Technical Control - Cookies

Our website uses "cookies". With cookies, your visit to our website can be managed more easily and faster. If you do not wish our website to use cookies placed on your computer, you can deactivate the cookies in your browser settings, or change to the settings so that you are informed whenever cookies on any website are used. For more information about this, please follow the links below, for example. or


Tracking via Google Analytics

When you visit our website, we send data to our service provider Google Inc., as part of their Google Analytics solution. Google Analytics is configured such that your IP address will be anonymised before being sent to Google (anonymizeIP). Google will process your usage data on our behalf on our website, in order to compile a report of the website activities. We use these reports to determine your level of interest in our offers and to improve the latter. 

If you do not wish to be tracked by Google Analytics you can install a browser add-on that prevents tracking by Google Analytics:

If you do not want Google Analytics to perform an anonymized analysis of your website use, you can object to this at any time here, with proactive effect. When you click on the link, an opt-out cookie is stored on your end device. The next time you visit our website, this cookie prevents your data from being collected again.

Google Analytics Tracking-Settings

Further functions

In order to make our information more user-friendly, we have implemented additional functions. These include the Google Maps map function, with which you can plan your journey to the event site. The integration of this function also means that the standard information about you as described above is transmitted to Google.



We have taken extensive technical and operational precautions to protect any personal data you have supplied to us from unauthorised access and abuse. Our security procedures are regularly reviewed and updated to reflect technological progress. Our staff is bound to preserve confidentiality.


Links to other websites

If you call an external website from our website (external link), your browser may inform the external supplier from which of our web pages you have arrived. This data is the responsibility of the external supplier. Like any other supplier of web pages, we are not able to influence this process.


Further Information

If you have any further questions, for example concerning the personal data we have stored about you, you are welcome to contact us. The means of contacting us are listed in the Legal Information section. In this connection, we are naturally happy to comply with your constitutional right to know what data is stored about you.


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Online editorial staff:
Patrick Karwath, Bitkom Servicegesellschaft mbH

Data Protection Officer:
Manon Adam, Bitkom Servicegesellschaft mbH