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Meet the Speaker: Miriam Wohlfarth (Founder & Managing Director of RatePAY)

In advance of the Digital Finance Conference we interview some of the high-level speakers who will speak at the #digifin19 on 22nd and 23rd May. Today we introduce: Miriam Wohlfarth (Founder & Managing Director of RatePAY). RatePAY provides payment services as Germans like them most. In the interview with Bitkom expert Julian Grigo (Digital Banking & Financial Services), she explains how the RatePAY services work.



About Miriam Wohlfarth:
As founder and Managing Director of the German payment provider RatePAY, Miriam Wohlfarth is one of the few female fintech founders and has almost 20 years of experience in the payment tech industry. At RatePAY, she is actively shaping the evolution of the online payment industry. The company is also developing an AI-based, state-of-the-art risk management software. As a result Miriam has acquired a vast amount of knowledge on fraud and risk. She has worked for some of the most successful major global companies (Worldpay, RBS) and can be regarded as an angel investor for start-ups. She is member at the MRC European Advisory Board, mentor for Accelerator Axel Springer Plug and Play, a FinCompare board member and a partner of PAYMENTANDBANKING, the leading fintech blog in Germany. In addition to her work, she also writes columns and produces fintech podcasts, such as Digital Kompakt. In 2009 she founded the Berlin based payment provider RatePAY, which has more than 200 employees.


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